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Familias de escuelas intermedias y secundarias: complete el Formulario de intención de elección familiar para cada niño en los grados 6 a 12 inscrito en una escuela secundaria o preparatoria de ECPS. Esta información se utilizará para ayudar a los líderes de nuestro sistema escolar a hacer planes para la posibilidad de que los estudiantes de primaria regresen al campus para recibir instrucción en persona. Proporcionaremos información adicional en los próximos días después de haber recopilado los datos necesarios de nuestras familias y personal. Complete este formulario antes del viernes 23 de octubre de 2020.

Face to Face Reopening Procedures

Hello Viking family! Please see the attached link for all of our information regarding the reopening process for students returning back to campus for face to face instruction. There is a lot of information here, so please take the time to read through it carefully. We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to seeing our students in January. Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to you all!

Girl Talk/Guy Talk SEL Sessions

Join us on Zoom on Saturdays starting October 10th for Girl Talk and Guy Talk starting October 24th. To join, email and a time will be provided upon registration!

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Middle & High School families - please complete the Family Choice Intent Form for each child in grades 6 - 12 enrolled in an ECPS Middle or High School. This information will be used to help our school system leaders make plans for the possibility of elementary students returning to campus for in-person instruction. We will provide additional information in the coming days after we have collected necessary data from our families and staff. Please complete this form by Friday, November 6, 2020

STEM Design Challenge 2020-2021

Sign up for the Stem Design Challenge for W. A. Pattillo and join our team to discover your problem solving skills!! Fun field trip to join other students from all over the state to show off your skills! Follow the link below and fill out the application.


Flash drives for students should be picked up each Thursday before 3:00 pm. Students should drop off their old flash drive to pick up the new flash drive work. Please drop off any printed paper copies of work so that teachers can grade your assignments. We thank you for your patience and cooperation during this new way of learning.
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