About Mrs. Abrams

Why I teach: Learning was my first love. I owe this life-long love affair with learning in great part to my father and my grandfather who each returned to school later in their lives to finish their educations. I watched my father as he completed his college degree when I was in fifth grade, while my grandfather and I actually graduated high school the same year. Both of these men taught me the importance of an education as not only a pathway to a career, but also as an important source of joy and means of self-improvement. Teaching has given me the opportunity to not only expand my own knowledge, but to hopefully pass on that knowledge on and spark a passionate joy of discovery on to young people. 
What I teach: AIG Enrichment at South Edgecombe, Phillips, and Pattillo 
Contact informationsabrams@ecps.us 
Tutoring (if available): Academic Advising by appointment