7th Grade

Ms. Moye

7th Grade Science 

Email: Kmoye@ecps.us


Why I teach:  I teach to transform and excel scholars to be leaders that this world needs today!


Tutoring: Monday 10AM-12PM Tutoring Link

Virtual Classroom

Block 4

Block 5

Block 6

I teach so my students can see that someone from their environment can be successful. You are not a product of your environment.


I teach 7th grade math


Keyerra Lloyd- klloyd@ecps.us


Google Classroom Links


Block 1 (class code: rnbzw5j) : https://ecps.zoom.us/j/82270419192

Block 2 (class code: pocbdge): https://ecps.zoom.us/j/83904032692

Block 3 (class code: imhn2td) : https://ecps.zoom.us/j/86905642862

Block 4 (class code: bgmopwe): https://ecps.zoom.us/j/87011903571

Block 5 (class code: lwzgst): https://ecps.zoom.us/j/82772365053

Why I teach:
I believe education is a basis for a positive productive future and teaching history gives you a look into your past, present and future.
I teach Social Studies. World History and American History
How to contact by email sshaltielmagwano@ecps.us
I do not offer tutoring