W.A. Pattillo Middle School

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Corey's work (Monday and Tuesday)

Monday & Tuesday:
  1. Complete Station 1 material: https://sciencewithmsbarton.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/8-l-5-2-healthy-living-stations-posters.pdf

  2. https://www.healthykids.nsw.gov.au/kids-teens/kids-activities/healthy-kids-quiz.aspx

    Take Healthy Kids Quiz.
    Summarize your results in 2-3 scholarly paragraphs. Describe your lifestyle.
    How healthy or unhealthy do you think you are? What can you add, remove, or change from your lifestyle so that you could live longer and healthier?

  3. https://sciencewithmsbarton.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/8-l-5-2-healthy-living-reading.pdf

    Students read the text and answer questions about healthy living.

  4. http://www.nscsd.org/webpages/ahysick/files/nutrition%20label%20worksheet.pdf


Create a Brochure about each type (bacteria, plant and animal) - Draw a diagram of the cell type, label each part, and describe what the function or role of each is. Due Thursday.